I am Angelene. Here, I'm Villanelle Floral Company and a custom floral designer in Seattle, Washington; but always: I'm a dreamer, poet, gardener, dog mama, and wife. 

I am in love with narrative, and I find it everywhere and in everyone. Verdant living florals and you are the beautiful catalysts that inspire my creativity and guide my work: floral interpretations of personal stories. I work with my clients to develop custom floral arrangements that leave them feeling first sought-after, then understood, and finally accepted -- and hopefully a little more in touch with the primal, soft beauty in the natural world. I thrive on the intentional communication that comes with collaboration, and find it especially thrilling to help each person I encounter understand that their story is worth telling. Our collective beauty lies in our smallest essential details, and I love finding these and drawing them out as I work with my clients to create their dream arrangements.

More than anything, I want to create these personalized floral arrangements for and because of you. I see my work at the vanguard for the way of living I crave: one where we are in touch with the world; attuned to the beautiful impermanence of growing things; in love with texture, and willing to overthrow a stationary way of life in lieu of something more powerful, something intentional. 

 *Because I believe there should be no barriers to love, I offer special pricing on a sliding scale to non-traditional and self-identifying LGBT+ couples.